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LFHSZM 42-25/A

High-speed Glass Double Edger Production Line With Automatic Measuring Machine(24 Wheels )24磨头/精磨/L型

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Product Details

The intelligent high-speed grinding line specialize in processing rectangle shape glass, suitable for building glass, curtain wall, furniture glass or appliance glass. Automatically detect and adjust, no need to input manually, running automatically, high processing speed, highly enhance the efficiency for processing different size glass to save cost 

|Main Technical Parameters|

Model LFHSZM-H 42-25/A LFHSZM-H 25-20/A
Max processing size 4200*2500 mm 2500*2000 mm
Min processing size 350 mm
Thickness of glass 3~35 mm
Processing speed 1~11 m/min
Max. speed of adjusting the glass width 15 m/min
Total Power 45 kw
Total weight 20000 kg 18000 kg
Height of working table 930±30 mm
Occupied area  14742(L) x 13960(W) x 2100(H) 12973(L) x 11307(W) x 2100(H)

Shunde District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province Lunjiao Industrial Park Avenue on the 10th


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